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You Could Get Sued if You Do This When Building a New Home

Most people don’t give this a second thought, but did you know it’s easy to get sued when selecting the design for your home? It’s true. You may have been told you only need to change a design by 20% to avoid copyright infringement… but nothing could be further from...
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Are You Confused By The Jargon Builders Use?

Builders can be intimidating with the amount of industry jargon and acronyms they use on a daily basis. We all do it. In all of our different industries, there are certain terms you just know and use.   But how are you going to know exactly what’s going on with...
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The Real Reason Home Builders NEVER Get Back To You

  Have you been waiting by the phone for a home builder to get back to you? This is one of the most frustrating scenarios and one that many people deal with every day. In this article, we are going to take you through the real reasons home builders NEVER get back...
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Why Is Building A New Home So Expensive?

Have you ever wondered why it costs so much to build a new home? And if builders are adding tens of thousands of dollars in profit to every contract they sign, why are so many of them failing every year? In this article you’ll learn the truth behind house prices and...
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What Professional Really Means

You know how important it is to do your research before signing a building contract… Maybe you’ve already invested some time online checking out what other people are saying about the building companies in your area. So what does the term ‘Professional Builder’ REALLY...
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What To Look For In A Building Company

So, you’re trying to make a final decision on which building company you should use to build your new home… You have a few to pick from and they all have their good points, so which one should you pick? We work with multiple building companies on a day to day...
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