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What To Look For In A Building Company

So, you’re trying to make a final decision on which building company you should use to build your new home… You have a few to pick from and they all have their good points, so which one should you pick? We work with multiple building companies on a day to day...
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The Only Building Contract That Actually Works

Catch any potential mistakes before they happen by articulating your terms and agreements with our incredibly thorough contracts. We need to reveal a big mistake many homeowners make when building their first home. After spending hours and hours choosing the right...
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Why An Activity Plan Should Be Your First Focus

Don’t take the risk of experiencing a sloppy home construction, here’s why you should ask your builder for an activity plan. As you already know by now, building a home from scratch is an incredibly long and expensive process. The average house uses more than 8,000...
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The Biggest Home Designing Mistake You Don’t Want To Make

Save thousands of dollars on building your new home by following this often neglected piece of advice… Building a new home is an incredibly exciting process that’s full of rewarding experiences. There’s just nothing quite like knowing that you have the power to help...
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